Monday, June 15, 2015

monday ...

mondays have a bad reputation ... and deservedly so most of the time
today was no exception, however, there was this
 which i have not yet identified
and also seeing a doe and her fawn this morning in a field.  i stopped to take a picture of them, but they ran, the doe making tall leaps through the grass, and her fawn zig zagging behind her.

Oreo is not doing well.  the insulin he was on is not working and he has started to fail again.  we are trying another type ($$) for a few weeks to see if he improves, and if not, i have decided that enough is enough.  i don't want him to keep being a guinea pig.  he does not like getting stuck with a needle so much, and while i'm sure a part of him understands that it makes him feel better afterwards, he still doesn't like it.  he's had a good life, he's been loved, and spoiled, and will be missed.  i just don't want him to keep suffering.

there was other 'monday' stuff that i can't go into ... other than to say that this place might not be home after all ... and that makes me sad


  1. I think your mystery plant is a double columbine/grannies bonnet/aquilegia.
    I am so sorry (for both of you) that Oreo is not doing well. It is never easy. You, and he will know when the time comes. Hugs.

    1. oh... yes it is! beautiful! love love love it!

  2. You have my prayers, for all things. :-)


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