Sunday, May 10, 2015

weekend ...

we have been taking advantage of the sunshine, in spite of dropping temperatures ... unbelievably, snow is in the forecast for tuesday.  pure michigan.

on saturday, David spent a few hours fishing after work, while i visited with a neighbor and enviously watched a [rose-breasted grosbeak] at her feeder.  i did not have enough coffee in me at the time to think of getting a picture.  we also tried some fried [smelt] which is similar in size to sardines or anchovies, (we were NOT impressed ~ apparently the big attraction to the smelt fry event that we purchased our plates from was the readily available beer ... while i was waiting for the next platter of freshly fried smelt, i observed one of the s.o.e.* drinking from two bottles at the same time ... perhaps if we still drank beer, it might have eventually tasted better ... but i doubt it, and doubt it would be worth the headache)
 i'm hoping that the snow will not cause all of the apple tree blossoms to freeze
 weeding the mystery plants by the garage door revealed another mystery ... a chinese coin in the dirt ... perhaps some feng shui by the previous renter?

i mowed (most of) this ... my first time mowing grass.
no bumblebees were harmed in the mowing of this yard.

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  1. That is a mighty big area to mow. I suspect you were a v tired puppy when you finished. It looks good though. Congratulations.


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