Wednesday, May 27, 2015

wednesday ...

it is raining this week ... here and there ... and i've been worried about friends in Texas who are getting flooded.  once upon a time in another life far away, i used to love the desert rains ... that washed the dust off of everything and filled the air with the scent of sagebrush.  here, it is the smell of cut grass and flowers, the sound of frog peepers, and the buzz of a hummingbird defending the tree it has claimed as his.
 the baby robins have been growing so fast, they seem to change overnight.  it is hard to believe that the first egg was laid on the 3rd of May, and the first hatchling appeared on the 17th.  now, today, they look almost ready to take flying lessons, crowding each other in the nest...
 the parents sit in the apple tree, roughing up their feathers to glare at me, and tell me to step away from the nest.
this has become my most favorite snack ... 
 and this ... Picasso ... is from my co-worker, with a twisted sense of humor like mine.  i asked to see a picture of her two new ... additions.  we joke about names ... "Ham and Bacon, or Christmas and Easter" and this was what i found on my desk this morning

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  1. I do love the smell or rain cleansed ground - but worry for those who have received waaaay too much of a good thing. And laughter is always good - twisted or not.


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