Saturday, May 30, 2015

saturday ...

it has been a busy day ... a drive to Iron Mountain and back
a day that will stretch into several blog posts kind of busy...
i suppose i will start with the end of the day, because it is also how the day started
we went to the farmer's market in Trout Creek where i found this beautiful teapot
and then we went to the Settler's Depot Gallery for a plant and book sale, where i got this treasure
 lily of the valley ~ my birth flower!  i've never seen a live one, so just had to get this pot of them
later in our travels today, we found two more teapots at an antique shop, so when we got home, i was able to put the rest of my kitchen herbs in them
and last, but not least, i put up a new garden flag i found on sale 50% off today

live happy

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