Saturday, May 23, 2015

saturday rummaging ...

i have a new addiction ...
 $5 and a little tlc will make this chair shine
 $1 for both of these ... a little spray paint and some creative shades ... perfect for the living room or guest bedrooms
 $5 ... i love the claw feet on this!  a little sanding, some oil to revitalize the wood and re-cushion, i may look for a fishing theme canvas fabric to use on the seat
(why must dining room table chairs match anyway?)
another cute teapot for my kitchen herbs, this time the rosemary.  just $2!

$0.50 for a box of plates that i can smash with glee and use to make jewelry!!!  or use for plant saucers, or hang on the wall, or ... (imagine this...) eat dessert on!  <grin>

tomorrow we pick up an antique dresser and desk that we got for $50!

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  1. Some excellent finds there. And with a great deal more charm than mass produced new 'stuff'.


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