Sunday, May 24, 2015

more rummaging ...

(you have to say rummage so it sounds like fromage...)
 this was my $5 desk find ... in maple wood

 this a dresser they were asking $200 for it ... and i got it for $50.  the wood is beautiful ... almost reminds me of ostrich skin boots or something
 this mirror was a freebie that i got last fall and had no idea how to use it ... until ...
i got this dresser (free!!!) and decided that they will go perfect together in a guest bedroom for David's kids when they visit!

and this was just a surprise flower on a houseplant that i never knew had flowers!

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  1. I love your finds!! You have a great eye. Have you ever watched Flea Market Flip? I just love what people can find and what they can turn those finds in to. I am on the hunt for poofy armchairs to use in our Harry Potter Common Room at Geekfest if it will ever stop raining here...can't wait to see more!


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