Sunday, May 31, 2015

if buildings could talk ... i'd love to hear these stories

our drive yesterday took us through Iron River, Crystal Falls, and to Iron Mountain
and we saw some of the beautiful and interesting buildings, houses and churches
 i'm not sure what this building was originally, but think it is now some sort of government building
 these were some downtown businesses, and i loved how they were made of stone, with one of them being covered in tin
 this house had beautiful stained glass windows and a very cool looking tower!

 [this church] looked like it had a gold roof.  it was the first of several churches that we saw that were for sale ... i would love to renovate an old church into a house, but not this one ... 
 this [restaurant was for sale], as was the church next door ...
 this is a [beautiful church] ... and while i would love to renovate it into a home, it actually is being sold WITH the house next door ... for less than $50k! two for the price of one, what a deal! 
 this was in Iron River

this was a beautiful historic house in Iron River

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  1. Wow! Some incredible building there. And the memories stored in and around them...


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