Friday, May 29, 2015

friday ...

 the mystery flowers in the front yard have turned out to be irises.  beautiful.  can't wait to see what the lilies look like
 everything is so green ... loving it ... just loving it
 the baby robins are growing by leaps and bounds every single day.  this one sitting on top of its siblings must be ga'zilla, the enforcer.  it has as mean a face as it's mom does when she thinks i've been peeking at her babies too much
 my co-worker, Sara, shared pictures of her broody hen and recent hatchlings of her own.  i love how this picture looks like a water color painting, but was just how her camera took the picture

finally, real pictures of Easter and Christmas
and this i spotted while stopped to get gas in my car and just had to take a picture because it made me smile.

it has been a wet week ... but a good one.
life is good.

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  1. Love the critters - and the bumper art.
    The iris is a stunner too.


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