Thursday, April 16, 2015

going on a snipe hunt...

all childhood summer camp pranks aside ... there really is a bird called a snipe
when i recorded the [night music] last night, it was primarily to capture a bird call
that i thought sounded like a friendly ghost laughing, or some sort of owl or dove
but i was having a hard time identifying it, and finally asked one of the wildlife biologists at work
[image source AND awesome info and sounds]
the reason i was having such a struggle is that the snipe is considered a shore bird
and i'm smack dab in the donut hole of the Ottawa National Forest
shorelines are a couple of hours to the west, and several more hours north and east
but the snipe also likes marshland, muddy, boggy fields, and ponds ... and those we have

the really cool thing though is that the sound that i thought was a bird call is actually the sound of the air passing over their tail feathers as they fly

so there you have it ... and tonight, i shall be going on a snipe hunt again!

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  1. What an amazing (and haunting) call.
    Good luck on your hunt.


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