Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lake Superior

we drove to Ontonagon this afternoon and since it was the first time since November that it hasn't been snowing a blizzard when we were there, we stopped by the Lake Superior beach
i guess it will be a while before we get a tan
 those are ice sand dunes that David (walking on ice) is going out to.  
he stepped thru the ice twice between the dunes, getting his shoes soaked
clicking on the photo will enlarge it ~ it is a nice panoramic shot of the beach
you can see ice sheets here that the waves pushed up before freezing again.
this was taken on the far dunes in the top picture
a rare photo...
this was on the drive home ~ i know it was incredible looking last fall,
can't wait for the spring leaves to come
another panoramic you can enlarge by clicking on it

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  1. How very, very beautiful.
    Your bared arms suggest that spring is on her way too.


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