Tuesday, January 20, 2015

tension ...

i am sore today, my muscles aching down to my bone marrow.
i suspect it is a physical reaction to the spin out into the snow bank yesterday evening,
my body bracing for impact and fearing that we would go thru the rail and down the hill.

the soreness makes me think of life, 
and how even tho we might walk away from something without a scratch ...
it is the tension and stress that will catch you later.

i've been trying to deal with my stress much better.
i keep my 5 things journal ... occasional bubble baths ... frequent naps
... and the promise of spring.  
my hyacinth has graduated from the basement to the bathroom window.

this week i want to start a yoga routine
and i'm planning on talking to the pastor of our church about starting a women's' fellowship meeting for a craft making project every other month.

but first ... another nap ...

1 comment:

  1. I am not suprised you are sore - and thankful it is no worse.
    Happy napping. Always a treat...


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