Sunday, January 18, 2015

a sunday drive ...

we were invited to a lunch of homemade pasties with friends from church today
 from left to right meet Hamburger, Steak, Ribs, Roast, and Tips
hiding behind Steak is Sir Loin
 this is Tupsu ~ a Finnish word for the tassle on a winter hat ~ but her friends can call her Tuppy

one of the local gangs on the road... 
do you see the doe?
pasty [pass-tee]
yummy [yummmm-eeeeee]
i was going to include a recipe, but was told that the postcard recipe that i have is the "commercial" version and not as good as the family recipes [duh?].  i will say that this one had ground venison, beef and pork, onion, rutabaga, carrot, and potatoes ... and i may not have to eat again for a week, but that might be because of the piece and a half of coffee cake i had for dessert [i've been told that calories eaten with friends don't count].  after the meat and vegetables are cooked, they are baked in a simple pie crust, then frozen so that they can be quickly re-heated and eaten.  they were adopted from the Cornish meat pies and for loggers or miners coming home from a long, cold day of work they were a fast meal that was very filling.  they can be served with gravy on top, or ketchup, i like them also with some spicy A-1 steak sauce on them. 

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  1. How nice to hear that you have found some friends. I was worrying a bit.


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