Saturday, January 10, 2015

of rabbits and trolls ...

those who were born in the U.P. call themselves "Yoopers" and are of the rabbit portion of Michigan
i was told (again) last week that i will never be considered a Yooper
because i will always be an Outsider since i was born somewhere else
but for the first time, i heard the term they use for those who live in the lower part of Michigan
(in the mitten part of the state)
those people are referred to as Trolls
because they live "under" the Mackinac Bridge which joins the mitten to the rabbit
i have cousins who live in the lower portion of Michigan
and certainly don't think of them as trolls
unless of course, they are the happy and fun kind
in which case
i think i would rather be a troll
than a yooper

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  1. I've never heard the troll term before....but I am with you, I'll be a happy and fun troll any day!! I will say that it is a lot easier to tell people where you live in Michigan if you are from the "mitten" rather than the "rabbit!"


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