Monday, January 19, 2015

monday drive ...

and my first spin out on slick roads into a snow bank
no damage to the car, or us
we were fortunate not to go to the other side of the road, which would have been down a very steep hill and not as easy to dig out of.  so grateful for the guys in a truck and three snowmobilers who stopped to help with a tow.  so very grateful.


  1. Glad that you and the car escaped damage. Even more glad to hear that people helped out.

  2. I echo Elephant's Child about that someone stopped and helped you. It's been upsetting to me that "Yoopers" consider you an outsider. As a former resident of this state, and someone born there, this troll hopes that you are finding more friendly folks than not. Good Lord, we are all human beings, ain't we?

  3. thank you both. we've actually started to meet some friendlier folks ... and the funny thing is I think most of them are also outsiders ... I think the guys that helped tow the car out and the snowmobilers might have all been "Trolls" up for the holiday weekend. Which just reinforces my belief that I'd rather be a Troll than a Yooper...


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