Friday, January 2, 2015

get your goat ...

i work with an awesome woman named Sara
(some days we laugh as much as we work)
(honest boss, we do work ... some)

and since she has quite the menagerie of pets we tend to share a lot of animal stories
(... one of these days i'm going to get a picture of her antique chicken plucker to share)
( was that a story that had my sides hurting from laughing)

earlier this week she told me she has been training some of her goats to be pack goats to take camping with her, 
and she had even built pack saddles for them
(yes, you read that correctly... goats ... pack goats)
(say it like you were saying "Bond ... James Bond")
(and surprisingly, if you do a search on pack goats, there are more results than i would have imagined ~ they even have an association!)

meet Woody, stud muffin in training
Woody was born in July
isn't he cute!
i've already volunteered to kid sit when her nanny goat has his babies
(yes, pun intended ~ i know, i'm horrible)

my kid sitting rates are pretty cheap
fresh free range chicken eggs
goats milk to make soap with
and maybe
(just maybe)
one day i'll get a kid of my own
or some chicks to hang out with


  1. C - I just love how you tell stories of life as a "yooper" - great subject, great description! Can't wait for more!


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