Friday, January 9, 2015

forced ...

this morning i remembered that i was trying to force spring to appear in the basement
and surprisingly, it was obliging

a hyacinth bulb that suddenly grew roots and an inch of green
after two months of sitting silently in the dark
gives me hope

my Christmas amaryllis is late
i couldn't even call it a New Year's flower
perhaps it will be a President's Day flower
(yes, that is snow overhanging from the roof in the background)

more snow fell last night and this morning
and right now it is -2 degrees (F) with a "feels like" -21
we may get snow tonight, but a slow warming trend over the next week
might produce a heat wave of 34 degrees (F) by the time my amaryllis blossoms

believe it or not, it is actually warmer in Alaska right now
yes.  stop.  snowing.

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  1. On the other side of the world my Christmas Amaryllus isn't as advanced as yours. Next Christmas?


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