Friday, January 16, 2015

don't hurry ...

... be happy ...

i am hated by The Yoopers when i drive 
i drive no more than five miles over the speed limit when the roads are clear and the weather is beautiful.
when the roads are covered in snow and ice, and the weather is wretched, i sometimes drive ten or even twenty miles below the speed limit depending on visibility and how loose my tires feel on the road

The Yoopers drive right up on my rear bumper, sometimes even with their bright lights on, trying to intimidate me into driving faster before they finally pass me impatiently, throwing up snow, ice and slush so that my windshield is dirtied, and it is harder to see

 but i don't, and i won't drive faster because life is too short to be in a hurry

i enjoy the hazy sunrise that looks like orange sherbert as it rises behind the morning clouds
i enjoy the slow walk of a doe and her two fawns as they cross the road in search of food 
(and i really don't want to have bragging rights about how many i've hit and killed like i've heard The Yoopers brag)
i enjoy the sight of a "gang" of a dozen turkeys scratching down to the dirt in a cluster of trees

i'd love to be able to share a picture with you, but i won't even stop anymore to take pictures along the road unless i can pull far off into a parking lot, away from The Yoopers who want to pretend they are on an autobahn in Germany ... it just isn't safe

so here is a picture of "that barn" again which Trooper and i walked to (quite safely) after i got home from work tonight ... the rest of it, well, you'll just have to use your imagination for the drive

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  1. Well done you. Definitely not worth hurrying.
    And, when the road is clear of Yoopers, a delight.


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