Saturday, January 17, 2015

compromises ...

Oreo and i have come to a compromise about our sleeping arrangements
he now wakes me in the middle of the night only when he has gotten up for a drink of water or to use the bathroom and his ears or toes are cold.  he will want under the covers with me only long enough to warm them up, then will go to his heated basket where he will sleep the rest of the night.  i can sleep with that.
he has adjusted to being an inside only cat, after being given the option to go outside in the cold and snow one day.  the choice was his, and he chose well.  he does get a little cabin fever at times and thinks that he can take on Trooper (much to Trooper's amusement).  he also sometimes explores the basement when i am down there, talking loudly to let me know that he is there so that he doesn't get locked down there in the cold (it only happened once, i swear, and it was because i didn't know he was exploring).  watching him play "catch the tail" is quite entertaining for us, and he has a weird thing of kicking and scratching his own chin at times when he plays.  if you play "catch the fingers" with him, he gives you an advantage by closing his eyes and putting his head down so that he can't see where your fingers are.  he will be twelve years old this year, and it is hard to imagine him that old since he looks and acts at times like just a year old kitten.
such a tiny thing he once was...

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  1. Of course he thinks he can take on Trooper. We had a cat who retained some of her kittenhood until the day she died - at nearly 22. She still chased her tail, the only difference was that in her declining years sometimes she caught it. I miss her still.


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