Wednesday, January 14, 2015


it started snowing this morning, and i caught some snowflakes before they became "one of many" in a snow fall.  i love how you can see the tiny uniqueness of each one.
i traveled for work today to a small community called Baraga, which is pronounced "bear-gah" with emphasis on the second syllable [i had been pronouncing it bah-ra-gah, emphasis on the second syllable for months, much to the amusement of the Yoopers]

Baraga was named after Bishop Frederic Baraga who immigrated from Slovenia in 1830.  there is a shrine in his honor within the city, and it will be on my places to see list this spring.

today i participated in a "Cutover" presentation ~ while not the presentation i gave, {this} is a link to a quick history lesson that includes some of what we presented to 4th and 5th grade classes on the Ottawa National Forest and how it came about

Baraga sits on L'Anse Bay, part of Keweenaw Bay, in Lake Superior.  while that part of the lake was unfrozen, there were still parts that had frozen over enough for ice fishing.  on the drive up, i saw about 15-20 tents on the ice where people were fishing.  coming home late in the afternoon, there were fewer tents, but several people and snowmobiles.
and this is the Trinity Lutheran Church in Covington which just has such a european feel to it with the surrounding trees and countryside that every time i pass it i feel like i've slipped thru a window and am back in Austria.


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