Tuesday, January 13, 2015

13th ...

it was cold this morning when i woke up
my brain wants to say it means it is "less than" 20
but the cold that hit my face as i walked outside screamed
"snap outta it! what the heck were you thinkin' movin' up here?!?!"
i've started reading a book i borrowed from Sara
[of the pack goat and chicken plucker fame]
Merle's Door
it has been on my wish list forever
but i know it will make me cry so i've resisted until now
[i'm due for a good cry ~ it opens my soul to gratitude]
i've also been making a point of writing a list of five good things each day
things to remember from 2014, things about people in my life, things that happened that day, 
just any kind of thing [places i've visited, things i like on pizza]
but they have to be good, positive things ... to help me stay in the here and now
and because there are always five good things in a day
[no matter how cold it gets]

to warm up the part of my brain that writes, i've decided that on the 13th of each month
i will write a paragraph beginning with the 13th line from the 13th page of whatever book i'm reading
[i've actually hit a stall while writing "Winter Bear" and this is part of my procrastination avoidance routine ~ if i commit myself to writing and being creative, i'm hoping to get back in the groove]
"His face fell.  She turned away as she continued to talk, wanting to forget he was in the room, wanting to forget what she had to tell him, just wanting to forget everything that had happened.  But she couldn't.  Not if they ever had a chance of fixing what went wrong between them.  She forced the words out of her mouth one at a time, feeling as if they would flood out of her like the nervous bile rolling in her stomach could.  She told him the things she had done while he was gone, the ways she had broken their vows.  Her shame colored her face until she thought the flames would burst through her skin and set her hair on fire.  She briefly wondered if this was how people died from spontaneous combustion, if they were confessing their sins to the ones they loved."
the view from my writing room window tonight
it warmed up to 13°F

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  1. Yay for gratitude. And creativity. I suspect the view from your writing room would give me the perfect excuse to simply sit, look. drool and dream.


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