Sunday, December 21, 2014


in September as the apple trees were beginning to droop and drop
i gathered up a basketful of Macintosh apples
cored, sliced, then dipped in lemon juice and rolled in a sugar and cinnamon mix, 
i froze them on cookie sheets and then put them in ziplock freezer baggies

this afternoon, my efforts paid off
(in what will likely be a pound or three on my hips)
i used a pop-tube of cinnamon rolls for the crust, slicing each roll in half and flattening half on the bottom of the cupcake liner, and then using the other half as a top crust after filling it with the apple slices
bake as directed for the cinnamon rolls (mine were 400F for 16 minutes), and then top with the icing when they are still warm

O.M.G. are were they good!
perfect individual pie cups

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