Sunday, November 16, 2014


 the robin's nest in the front yard looks uninviting
(buried under a foot of snow)
and the chickadees kept reminding me that the feeder was empty
until i slogged out (guilt-ridden) and filled it for them
the sun was trying to come out this morning for a bit
 this is the view from my kitchen window
these are some of the icicles on the back of the house
standing under them, i was reminded of a murder mystery i watched once where the weapon of choice was an icicle
(i didn't stand there long after that)

(p.s. Maureen, i was able to upload the video for your walk in the snow)


  1. Yup, those icicles do look deadly. But beautiful.

  2. When the sun catches the sparkle in the snow and in the icicles it is glorious. The sun can be warming to the heart no matter where you are. Thank you!


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