Monday, November 17, 2014

sucker punch ...

round two began this afternoon
"lake effect snow"
(which apparently is Yooper for "snow that flies horizontally")
they are saying we may get 8-12 inches overnight
(which would be on top of the fresh five inches of snow i had to shovel when i got home from work tonight just to clear the driveway)
i hung Christmas lights inside the front window
(next year i will put up my outside lights in early October)
in the mornings, the seat belt beeper on my car sounds very high pitched and panicked
almost like the windshield scraper that i brought from Florida
(i swear i could hear it screaming WTH WTH WTH every time i took it out of the car to scrape the ice off the windows before going home from work in the afternoons
the new Yooper windshield scraper ~ with a brush on it also ~ doesn't even want to be near the Florida ice scraper, which i think is now hiding under the front seat ... by the heater)


  1. At least you have your sense of humor. A very funny sense of humor! Try spiced rum in apple cider. Ought to be plenty of cider. :-) And I see you got a handle on the lingo - Yooper!

    1. i'm not a drinker anymore so ixnay on the umray, but warmed cider with spices is just as good. and laughter is a good way to keep the body warm ... besides, tears freeze on your face and make you look weird...

    2. LOL! You go girl! I think you need to write a comedy next. ...

  2. Most things look better through laughter.


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