Monday, November 10, 2014

storm ...

this was my first day at work here in the U.P.
and this was today ... my first "severe winter storm"
this is what i got on the way home
and this is someone's first real snow ... it was just two inches deep at that time

we are expecting snow every day for the rest of the week

... it's going to be a long winter ...


  1. Poor Trooper. My guess is that Oreo is even less enamoured of the white stuff...

  2. Part of my wishes for a chance to be there. My go to calming place in my mind when I am stressed out is a walk in a forest after a snowfall. To me it is a serene place to be - me, nature, and God.

    Still, I wish for a a mild winter, warm boots, dry socks, and hot soup. :-)


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