Tuesday, November 11, 2014

polar vortex ...

it started snowing yesterday
and hasn't stopped yet
i had started to shovel a path to get the car out this morning
(foolishly thinking i needed something at the store),
after the county snow plow went by and shut me in
this was what i could accomplish BEFORE coffee
(imagine what i could have done AFTER if i had not realized that shoveling was futile!)
by the time i had coffee and went back out, 
all that i had cleared was covered by more than an inch of new snow
(i can get by without any butter for a day or three)

on his first venture out, Trooper didn't seem to be bothered ...
but that was when we just had three inches
when it reached his knees, and he fell into a ditch that was nearly over his head
because he thought he could "walk on water"
he was just a bit panicked
but then he realized that it just might be fun after all


  1. WOW. And double wow.
    And I am glad that Trooper found some fun in it.

    1. Oreo ventured into it this weekend when there was just a few inches. He did not care for it and now just glares at me from the steps.

    2. I know that look. And it says very, very clearly that it is all your fault.


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