Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Forgiving Day

last Sunday both pastors spoke about gratitude, and remembering that we shouldn't just give thanks one day a year, but we should give it every day for all the blessings that we have been given.

sometimes we can't see those blessings until enough time has passed for us to be able to look back and see how the rest of the journey turned out
those things that we think were the worst possible events that could have happened, sometimes turn out to be an event that changes the course of our life ... for the better.

what we had... what we lost... can only make us appreciate more what we have ... not dwelling on what we don't have and appreciating what we do have.

the can be said for forgiveness.
when we realize how much we have been forgiven ... how can we not forgive others for even the smallest of slights?  imagine how much better our lives would be if not only we gave thanks every day ... but we also gave (and received) forgiveness

think about it
how much would your life change?

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