Saturday, September 6, 2014

walking the grade ...

after several false starts this morning, i finally took part in the Greek's 9th Annual Three-Bridge Walk to benefit the local [Sonco] ambulance service.  the walk is from Bruce Crossing to Kenton, a total of 17 miles.  i confess to not doing the first 11 miles, but i did hike up a trail to walk across the first bridge.
 this is the view from the Agate Bridge.  it is actually a view from the old railroad trestle.
the railroad has been long gone.  
this portion of it was called the Duluth South Shore and Atlantic Railroad
 this is what the falls sound like.  you will have to either turn your head, or close your eyes.
i prefer the closing the eyes because i just love the sound of the falls.

 this is the portion of the grade that i walked ~ the old Soo Line Railroad.
it is now used for off-highway [all-terrain] vehicles and snowmobiles.
i walked 6 miles in all.
sometimes when you look at what is behind you,
you realize that what is ahead of you isn't that bad.
 i didn't see as much wildlife as i would have liked,
although after finding out that there was an active wolf pack in the area,
i was kind of glad.
i did see a lot of deer track, and was challenged on the path by a chipmonk.
once he realized i wasn't going to back down, however, he gave up and slipped into the bushes.
 this is the view from the East Branch railroad trestle

 i found an old railroad spike from the long forgotten railroad.
cleaned up, i think it will make an awesome paperweight on my writing desk.
imagine the stories it could tell!
 finally, the last bridge ~ the Jumbo

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  1. What a GLORIOUS spot. Thank you.
    And yes to water music too.


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