Tuesday, August 23, 2016

old school...

today's out and about took me close to the Ironwood K-12 school.

i am trying to find out more history on the school and Mr. Luther L. Wright
but the following pictures were all that i could find on Bing

 the date on the existing school says 1924, so i believe that means that there were remodels made after it was first dedicated.

Monday, August 22, 2016

drive about...

in the past, when i needed to clear my head, i'd go to the beach
today was a warm day, in the upper 70's and very windy
instead of opting for the beach, i just drove and every now and then would turn onto a road i'd never been on before.
there was a thunderstorm closing in, and against the slowly setting sun i stopped to take pictures of a rainbow.
 then i realized where i was... standing on the edge of a golf course, with an approaching thunderstorm that i could clearly hear... and it hit me, (and fortunately not literally) that golf courses frequently attract lightning.
so i got back in my car and took another new road.
 where i came across this view on a dead end road that i took to see the nordic ski areas, and just stopped to enjoy it for a few minutes with all the windows open, the scent of fresh rain in the trees, flowers, and a sudden 10 degree drop in temperature.
it was very relaxing and really helped me to put some things in perspective.
when i got home, the sun was still slowly sinking, the thunderclouds had been pushed east by the wind, and there was this amazing display of clouds back lit by the sun in the west.

there are some days when i wish i could bottle the wind, the scents that it carries, the sound of the trees as they answer back to the wind rushing through their leaves, and the warmth of the setting sun on my shoulders.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

rain, rain...

two days of rain don't seem to have stopped the flowers ...

apples have started to fall off the tree. not much longer before we start to see deer in the yard.
pears are working up a bit of a tan

Monday, August 15, 2016

the octagon house

i've driven past this building for three years now and each time i've wanted to stop and take a closer look. so today i did, and i found out that it wasn't a house after all, but once upon a time was a restaurant.

 i love the log cabin and rock of this building. the smaller building on the far right was at one time i think a sauna, perhaps for the original owners if at one time it really was a home for someone
 i love doors. i love this door and the bears.

i really love the detail on the hinges and handle.

one day i want to build a house like this.