Saturday, May 26, 2018

small business Saturdays

This week I discovered another small business in the building I work in.
(which is probably a good thing that I didn't know about them sooner or else I'd be more broke than I am)

(click to be instantly teleported to their beautiful jewelry gallery)
I couldn't snitch a photo to share here, but just as well, since it would have been hard for me to choose just one.

Our building is also home to
and I have tried several of their calming supplements on Charlie with positive results.
(but don't tell him ~ he thinks they are just yummy treats!)

 we have a licensed massage therapist in the building!
Natures Honey Therapeutic Massage
I've not had the pleasure of relaxing under her guidance, however, my boss has and he swears she is a miracle worker.  I love the Favorite Self-Care links on her blog, especially for Office Yoga.  Having recently been put on notice that I need to shape up to avoid future health issues, being able to do simple yoga poses and stretches in the office will be a (literal) lifesaver!

While not in our building, I did spot a flyer recently on the bulletin boards just inside the doors.
Bayfield Foods
Image Source
which is also known as the Lake Superior CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).  It looks like an amazing way to not only support local farmers but eat some amazingly fresh fruits, veggies and meats.  We are looking into getting a subscription.
 (I'm already drooling on the keyboard)

Monday, May 21, 2018

trespassing ...

Sunday afternoon while walking Charlie, I snuck into the backyard of the now abandoned rectory for the Catholic church behind us.
 There is a large fenced yard behind it, and every time we walk past, Charlie will look fiercely to see if there are any dogs he needs to ferociously defend me from.
A week or two ago I noticed that there were spring tulips growing freely in the yard so we snuck in for a few pictures.
Of course, there is always a penalty for trespassing, and this time it was Charlie who paid the price.  He managed to find the only patch of briar weeds in the yard, getting his feet and under-regions completely covered in them.  It took me almost an hour to pull, comb, and finally cut them out.

Saturday, May 19, 2018


another chilly day, worthy of warming by a fire pit
we drove up past Bayfield where a friend of David's was having a yard sale
 I wandered around while David got some tires for his truck
spring flowers are still blooming, some just coming into bloom
it will be a late apple season.  the trees are just now beginning to bud 
 found this well used birdhouse on a tree
 marsh marigolds ~ I haven't seen them since we left the Upper Peninsula
 choke cherries in bloom
 an old sawmill on the property
some of the treasures I found
a tray with a beautiful red and yellow quilt on a shelf in the kitchen above the sink 
 a candle holder that goes well with the bathroom colors
 these pieces of lace in hoops will become boho dream catchers when I add colorful ribbon and beads
 another candleholder, just need to find a place to hang it

Thursday, May 17, 2018


 lawnmowers have been active in the park across the street from my work
so nice to hear the sound of them instead of snowplows and snowmobiles
 Wednesday we had a heat wave with a few late afternoon spits of rain and a very brief rainbow.  I wore my Sketcher slip-on shoes to work that I hadn't worn in almost a year.  the humidity made my feet swell, and now I have a nice blister.
 this is the Catholic church behind where we live.  the steeple is metal, and quite beautiful, as is the whole building.  it is made of brownstone bricks.  I haven't been inside (yet) and we can frequently hear the bells being rung.  they must have a person who pulls the bells rather than the recorded sound that many churches have gone to.  whoever tolls the bells does not have a sense of rhythm and I always imagine some short nun being pulled off her feet, holding onto the rope for dear life.
 the robins are rushing to get their babies hatched since we had such a late start to spring.  it still amazes me, after watching the whole egg-to-flight process when we were in Ewen, MI, that it only takes a month.
by the time I got home yesterday evening, the winds had picked up and temperatures had dropped 35° in just two hours.  I changed from a short-sleeved shirt to a sweatshirt.  I might be able to store away my winter clothes by late July or August this year, but why bother.
today, colder than yesterday. 
they should call Wisconsin the Roller Coaster Weather state.