Monday, March 20, 2017

Weekend stuff...

Saturday we drove to Duluth, MN and it was very apparent that we have become a little spoiled with small town life.
Overlooking Lake Superior from Duluth MN
Duluth has a population of between 86,000 and 90,000 people. Ashland has less than 9,000. In comparison, where we lived in Florida has about 40,000.

Downtown Duluth had some amazing old buildings, but traffic was insane with one-way streets, steep hills, and parking meters. I first thought they were quaint antique tourist attractions! (And seriously who carries quarters anymore?!?!?)

So we mostly shopped up the hill at the larger department stores ~ the only real benefit of civilization I will give in to.

I did try to take some pictures of the older buildings, but between trying to navigate the streets and interpret where the GPS (aka cranky recalculating woman) was telling us to go, you get just the one. It was taken from a church parking lot on the top of Miller (?) Hill.

If the weather had been warmer and we had come prepared with quarters we might have parked and walked around downtown, but that will have to wait for a much warmer day. (Much warmer!)

It is getting warmer and sunnier (yay!) I put my crystals back in the car so I can have dancing rainbows when I drive again just to make me smile.

The sugar maples are even sugaring!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

a comedy in five acts

Lucy has this thing for getting under the covers, especially under this afghan strip that I crocheted back in the day when I remembered how to turn corners (crocheting that is).
 The other night I noticed Gracie watching what I thought was just a fold in the afghan.
Then it moved.
It kept moving until it was at the other end of the sofa and almost the entire strip had fallen off. 
Gracie followed her the entire way.
Every now and then she would look over at me as if to say "You had to keep the weird one, didn't you?" 

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Yesterday was my first day on the new job. It was a gray, rainy day so no pictures. Today, however, was beautiful with temperatures in the high 30's to low 40's. The winds, unfortunately, were from the west and blowing 15-30 mph with gusts up to 45 mph and made it feel about 20° colder!

This marina is walking distance (on a warm day!!) from the office I'm working at right now. The boats are all dry-docked for the winter. Like me, they are probably looking forward to warmer days.

 These three guys? Fishing out on the ice? Obviously insane.

I completed training today and passed a required test, so to celebrate my boss suggested I go across the street to the Harbor House Sweets because they have good cookies (yeah, he's gonna be a good boss to work for!!) Unfortunately, they are closed Tues/Wed so my celebration will have to wait until Thursday.
Image Source: Harbor House Sweets Facebook page
So instead I went to a thrift store and scored this vintage Spritz cookie press for $1. Mom had one when we were kids in Germany similar to the gun style one in the recipe link's photo. This one is awesome because hit has a crank, but you can easily switch out designs since there are four on each wheel. Not as yummy as a cookie, but eventually it will pay off.  It came with a handwritten recipe, but I will use the one my grandmother gave me instead.

Monday, February 27, 2017

monday ...

It was a busy weekend, so we left Gracie in charge for a few hours. She surveyed her kingdom from her throne on the bread maker.

Saturday afternoon we drove down to Hayward. It was to have been the weekend for the [American Birkebeiner Cross Country Ski Race], one of the largest in the country, but unseasonably warm weather forced it to cancel due to lack of snow. (in retrospect, if we had known about the race we wouldn't have gone because of traffic concerns, but there weren't any because of the cancellation). No pictures to share ... this time. I'm sure we will be going back down other times in the spring and summer.

This is a house we drive past on the way to/from church on Sundays.  They have almost a full wall of windows on the front of their house.
This is the view they look out over from those front windows. I'm sure their perspective is much better, and that it can be just gorgeous throughout the year.

Yesterday on the way to brunch after church we drove through a snow storm. Twenty minutes after this video, the snow had stopped and the sun came out.  You never would have known it had been almost blinding less than an hour before.

This is a beautiful bent wood heart wall art at the local hospital.
Detail of the wood.

Glass art of the iron ore dock in Ashland. No longer standing, they plan to rebuild it within the next few years as a tourist and fishing attraction.

Update on one of Gracie's kittens: Queen Sheba and her king, Tigger. They are besties.