Monday, May 22, 2017

drive about ...

On Saturday we went on a drive about. I had heard that there were Lake Superior rocks on the north shore, and that was our goal.
 Unfortunately, I should have gotten more information about where said north shore was exactly. We drove from Ashland up through Washburn and Bayfield, around the corner, through Cornucopia, and down to Superior and Duluth before going home the short way straight from Superior.
 The only place I did see rocks on the beach was at the far beach in the photo below which was actually more of the bottom of a red clay cliff that was closed off to the public. The rains were causing the clay to give way and wash into the lake, and any attempt to go down would have been dangerous.
 It was not the best of days for a road trip since it started raining with strong winds about 2 hours into the drive and didn't stop until long after we were home. Crossing the bridge between Superior and Duluth was probably the most scared I have ever been on a bridge or road trip since a childhood trip to Nice, France. 
(long story, but the Cliff Notes version is that we drove up a mountain and our host parked the car on the edge of a cliff. While everyone else went to pick and eat cherries until they were covered in red cherry juice, I stayed behind in the car. I was convinced that it was my weight alone ~ all the weight of an 8-year-old ~ that kept the car from rolling off the edge of the cliff and stranding us forever on the mountain. See, even then I had a very overactive imagination!)
Sunday night we had fresh trout for dinner.
I can't decide which I like best. Fresh trout, fresh catfish, or fresh salmon. I suppose it doesn't really matter since they are all yummy.

Friday, May 19, 2017

serendipitious randomness

 I discovered last night that there is a rather lovely amount of lily-of-the-valley plants soon to bloom in the front yard. My favorite flower, mostly because they are also May's traditional flower, but because they smell so lovely, and I've only ever seen them growing "wild" in Michigan. I have vague memories of seeing them in my Grandfather's woods when I was a child and thought they were so magical. Mom made me promise to send her some in a card, knowing they will be squished in the mail, but that the card will arrive smelling wonderful.

 The planters were a gift from friends, and I've filled them with red salvia and blue lobelia for the hummingbirds. I also have petunias hanging outside the kitchen window.

I finally found something that does well in my terrarium. Mitchella repens or Partridge Berry.

 Lucy playing peekaboo.
this morning
shortly after we got her
 Gracie has finally filled out with some healthy weight and it really shows how undernourished she was when we got her.  Even pregnant, she was still not much larger than Lucy is now and could be picked up with one hand. I think the only reason the pregnancy went full term and all five kitten survived was because she was finally getting enough food for herself and them.
 Detail stone carving on an old school building I had occasion to wander in today.
I love old door knobs just as much as I love old doors.

(Image Source) the original dock
As you may or may not know, iron ore mining was once a huge industry in this part of the county, and there was once an ore dock in Ashland that was torn down in 2013 when it was beginning to fall apart.  The city has decided to rebuild the dock as a tourist attraction, [Ashland Oredock Park] and it looks like it will be an amazing addition to an already history rich area with so much to see and do. This weekend starts the birding festival here, and while I won't be partaking in any of the planned events, I know I will be watching for all kinds of new bird species in my own yard!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Muddy Season

It was Mother's Day this past Sunday, and Monday began the Muddy Season. We have had rain every day, with more in the forecast. 
 I know dandelions are considered "weeds" but they are bright and sunny, even in the rain. Rather than being beaten down by the rains it is acting like Miracle Grow for them.
 There are two fruit trees in the back yard which will soon bloom!
 I love the pink in this one!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

angels ...

Today's plans changed when it turned out to be an overcast and chilly day. I had wanted to walk downtown taking pictures of old buildings and spring flowers. Instead, I went to a fundraising raffle event for two local agencies.

The first was the Chequamegon Humane Association, a group of angels who help the lost, abandoned, and surrendered animals in the area. They held two separate raffles. One of them was for fancy purses, jewelry, hats or scarves. Now, I'm not a fancy purse or costume jewelry type. However, there were some purses that were cute, hats, scarves, and jewelry I thought would make good gifts for others, so I got tickets ~ plus being a good cause didn't hurt.

Their other raffle was for garden items, of which I saw quite a bit that I would have liked to have won!

There was also a raffle to benefit the local fire department who need a new engine for their "ice angel." The ice angel is designed like the air turbine boats used in the south for going through the swamps. Only these are designed to go across the ice to rescue fishermen or others who have fallen through. They were raffling off some fun items for outdoor entertainment, including grilling and fishing.

Unfortunately, I didn't win anything but both were good causes regardless.