Wednesday, September 28, 2016


 three days of rain, wind, and dropping temperatures. leaves are changing but also falling.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

from the north

 the weather channel shows rain and wind coming down from Canada all this week. the temperature dropped almost 40°F as if to agree, and we had to turn the heat on for the first time this fall.
 i've been craft crazy thinking about the fall weather, holidays, and winter. this vase was a found freebie that i painted gold, and then painted some cattails and turkey feathers also.
this is a fun idea for a snowed-in day.  coloring a white bandanna as if it was a coloring book page and framing it for the wall.

tho i'm really not looking forward to snow and winter.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

thursday's thoughts

i have finally tied down my topic for next month's challenge. it will become an e-course that i will start in January.
this is the view from my kitchen window of that magical circle of autumn-blooming crocus in the back yard. i just love being able to look out there and see the color. leaves are already starting to fall here, we've barely had time to enjoy the color!
 (yes, that's me. messy hair, cheater glasses, frompy sweatshirt and all) i went to see one of David's friend's turkeys. the female has injured a leg somehow and barely gets around. i was hoping to be able to look at her, but this big oaf was getting in my way.
 he really is quite handsome. i remember seeing him when he was just a small jerky that the chickens kept beating up!
 so that blue and white fleshy stuff on the top of his head... yeah, it feels gross. won't ever pet that stuff again. go for the feathers next time.
 that's his girlfriend in the background. she might also have an injured wing. i couldn't convince her to come out or get close enough for me to grab, and i really didn't want to climb in there to get her. i think what happened was this big idiot boyfriend of hers tried to ... (beep family friendly censor beep) ... and fell on her. her tail feathers were all broken and torn. unfortunately, her injuries are keeping her from getting to close to water and food, and so she was renamed Thanksgiving Dinner.
 this is my potato in a jar that i was growing in the kitchen window just because. it is now growing baby potatoes! i guess i will get out this weekend and plant it in the middle of the garden. it will be a surprise to the next tenants if it survives the winter.
 where i write during the day. my day planner opened to the month to keep me on track. feathers for inspiration in a Gl├╝hwein Christmas mug i brought back from Hungary in 2009. 
when we move, i really want to get a larger work space so i can have all my crafts in one room with my writing. i have a big comfy chair that i want to start writing in, but i've been in the process of purging clutter and excess clothing, which unfortunately has moved some of the clutter into the big chair while i sort things out.

yes, i said that four-lettered "m" word. i am holding firm to the thought, prayer, and desire to be gone from here by the end of October. i interviewed yesterday for what i feel would be a dream job for me ... mentoring troubled young adults and helping them find career choices that fit. and they got less than a foot of snow last winter! that honestly has been one of my first questions at the end of the interview process. how much snow do you get?

Monday, September 19, 2016

monday ...

it was cold and gloomy when i went to work this morning, and later rained
but then the winds came and blew the rain away
every time i look at this little circle of flowers, i'm just thrilled

 if not for mowing off all of the weeds, i might never have seen these, and now, don't want them to leave. they just seem like such a happy flower, even the bumblebee seemed happy. i was going to try to take a macro picture of him, but didn't think he would be happy about that.
 gracie mae's belly keeps getting rounder, and it is obvious now that she is preggers.
last night she slept near me and wanted her belly rubbed, so i obliged. then i felt her belly move and spent the next hour with my hand on her belly just feeling the life inside of her. i found out yesterday that she has had 2 or 3 litters, but none survived. i'm sure because she wasn't getting food daily or water, and so the kittens were probably very small and she wasn't getting enough to feed herself, let alone feed her babies.  i'm praying that this will be a good preggers for her.