Thursday, September 21, 2017

Thursday randomness

I've been feeling a bit under the weather lately and within the last 24 hours it has turned into a full-fledged, snot-running, sinus-headache late summer cold.  I'm blaming the Wisconsin weather.  We can have as much as a 40 degree temperature change between morning and night, and from day to day.

But enough of me.

We recently acquired some new-to-us living room furniture from some very good friends, so each of us has selected our own napping spots.  Normally Charlie's is on the back cushion next to me, however, he gets very possessive and jealous of the proximity of the girls to me, so he moved closer just to be able to growl at them occasionally.
(as always, clicking on the pictures will enlarge them)
Lucy had been comfortably curled up in a wicker tray not intended for that purpose, but when her mother came and lay down next to me, she decided to come stretch out on top of both her mother and me.  She is, as always, a brat.
Creatively, this lampshade was driving me crazy.  It was too dark for the lamp, but I could not find a suitable replacement that used a lamp harp.  The newer generic shades that just sit underneath the bulb were all too short and so the light bulb stuck out the top of the shade and was rather blinding.
 So I purchased a yard of fabric and created a shabby chic shade from the old frame.  I'm quite pleased with the results, and it took less than an hour to rip and tie.  It might have taken less time if Gracie had not tried to help by clawing me when I tried to pull each strip of fabric from under her.
 We also recently acquired a cherry wood dining room table and two chairs from a yard sale for $10.  (My kind of sale price.)  The table is being used in the kitchen as a work table since we have zero counter space.  The chairs are currently upholstered in a white satin-ish fabric and as you can see from the picture below, will not remain white for long.  Charlie thinks that we got them just for him.  They will both be in the living room for guitar jam sessions since the living room is doubling as David's music room.  I found a fabric pattern that comes in both gray to match the sectional sofa, and red to match the curtains.  Pictures of the reupholstered chairs when they are done.

Like it or not, fall has arrived here.  The trees are rapidly changing colors.  It would be lovely if the temperature would stay in the low 70's longer, but it appears this weekend will be the last of it.  I wish I could send our cooler weather farther south to those affected by the recent hurricanes and earthquake.  Keeping them in thoughts and prayers.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Sunday randomness

(click on photos to enlarge them)

I found these at a yard sale for 50¢ each. They are in the kitchen, over the sink, on a thin shelf.
We have a ghost.
I say that because this ghost apparently did not like them there, and for several days would take them down and neatly stack them in the sink.  So I put thumbtacks into the wall to secure them.
And the ghost tried to pull them out, but only succeeded in making them askew from the wall and off the shelf.
I won. 
For now at least.
 Fall is arriving.  I did a test run of the heater this weekend to be sure I knew how it worked since this is a new-to-us rental house.
The heater didn't come on.
So a repairman will be called tomorrow, and hopefully, it will be an easy and inexpensive fix for our landlady.  I'm glad I decided to give it a try before we really needed it.  Our temperatures have been in the 40's, 50's, and 60's so far the last few weeks.  Comfortable, a little chilly at night, but not horribly cold and freezing.
 This is a house a block away. I love it. I love the front door color.
 This is one of the many Sedum plants I've seen in the area.  I can't believe I didn't know anything about them. They are beautiful, bright, and stunning colors.
 The girls on a cushion I put on a trunk by the front window for Charlie to sit on when he watches the world.  They have apparently claimed it for their own.  We don't have any living room furniture yet, so we all find comfortable places to sit where we can.  I love that I'm always finding these two entwined together.

Monday, September 4, 2017

road trip

 oh hi there.  just me. we went on a road trip last weekend to Eau Claire, Wisconsin.
it took a while. i got bored.
 i don't know who wendy is, but i love her fries and want to marry her
 this is me catching up on all the local gossip and even some from other places.
 on the way home again. mom was happy to have coffee.
 are we there yet?
 that's me and Dad.
 ohkay. road trips aren't that exciting after all.
finally home. 
this is the nap spot mom made me in the kitchen under the desk she is using for now as a kitchen island. i kept getting in the way, so she put pillows under here so i would stay out of the way. unfortunately, gracie and lucy like to nap there too, so we kind of have to fight over who gets there first.
they have their own box to sleep in so i don't understand why they keep wanting to sleep in my spots
even the spot under the desk mom uses for her computer has a spot just for me, but gracie keep stealing it. mom wonders why i'm always growling at them.  now you know.