Sunday, November 11, 2018

weekend drives ...

a snowy weekend driving through the Chequamegon National Forest...

Friday, November 2, 2018

a sneak peek of the "before" pictures

     I was finally able to find one of the real estate websites that would let me download copies of the interior pictures of the house we are buying.  Remember I said there would be lots of work to do?  There will be, but there is so much character in it already.
90% of the house has this beautiful wood on the walls. 
It is NOT inexpensive wood paneling, but hand cut wood boards.
It was a big selling point for both of us.
The shelves behind the sofa (not staying!) will stay for now and become part of a catwalk for the girls.  The ones between the bathroom and kitchen doors will probably go the 2nd time I walk into them (1 down 1 to go).
The unpaneled wall has leaves stenciled on it and will be repainted almost immediately.
It looks like it was originally a sage green, then leaves held over it and spray-painted white.
We are partial to darker colors, and while I love the sage green, David prefers something
in the red/garnet/burgundy color wheel.
This antique ceramic kitchen sink was another selling point for me.
At some point in time, I will be replacing all of the kitchen cabinet and drawer knobs,
but instead of forking out $4 for each, I plan on upcycling these with Lake Superior rocks!
This (yes, a deer antler!) is a cabinet door handle in the master bedroom.
Yes, David insists that it stays.
This is the bedroom door hardware, and I'm already shopping
thrift and recycle stores for a glass knob to replace the missing one.

november ... and the countdown begins

     It has been nearly two weeks since I've posted ... we've been just a bit busy trying to get things in place for our move.  I'm a list maker, a Pinterest pinner, and a wake-in-a-nightmare worrier.  There is so much we will need to do before the weather hampers our efforts, and so little time before that happens.  Snow has been in and out of the forecast for this weekend, and I guess it just depends on which weather channel you watch and how the wind blows.  Regardless, it is coming soon one way or another.

     Fortunately, we were granted an extension from the city to get the outside repainted and yard cleared, however, we will still have a great deal of cleaning (and clearing out of clutter) to do inside the house before we can even move in.

     Juggling all of that, I made a decision to wait until spring to have surgery on my knee (a torn meniscus - results of a nightmare with Charlie pinning me down under the covers) so that I wouldn't be trying to maneuver crutches for a week on snow and ice.  The swelling has gone down significantly, and while it is still sore and I have less range of motion than before the injury, I think it is a better decision than risking a worse injury with a slip and fall.  (adding more years to my time on this planet can be a challenge ~ I refuse to say I'm getting older ~ simply wiser)

     Charlie (aka Sheriff Wigglebutt) got a haircut on Monday, much to his relief.  He likes the shorter hair on his face, and I like the puppy cut look on him.  (that being said, if there is ever a dog that follows in his pawprints, it will be a shorthaired no maintenance mixed breed!)

     I discovered why the fish tank has been losing so much water lately.  Not a leak, but a little Miss Lucy Magillicutty who has been sitting on top and drinking out of it.  One of our two goldfish (Thing 2) died a few weeks ago, and I wonder now if it was from a heart attack in fear of Lucy crashing down on them.  Not that I hope it happens, but it would serve her right if it did!