Friday, February 9, 2018


first the disclaimer:
this is not my house, so it is not my dust.
if I'd seen how much dust the camera flash would reveal, I would have dusted it off first, but it is a functional radiator, therefore, very very very hot to the touch.
perhaps I will remember to dust it in the spring and update the pictures here.
or not.

Discovering the art on the iron radiator at the coffee shop last weekend has made me a little obsessed with looking at radiators for artwork.  This one has leaves in the design, and is a dark brown.
 It is in the "lobby" area of the renovated old schoolhouse where I work.  It is the only heat source in the lobby that I'm aware of, and it cranks out some serious heat.
We had radiators like this when I was a child, in the apartment in Germany but I really don't remember paying any attention to them so don't recall if they were designed.

I wish the bathroom in the house we are currently renting in had a radiator like this one in it.  It always stays cold in there, and the thought of toasty warm towels just seems heavenly.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

weekend ...

 Charlie got a much-needed haircut on Friday and stayed mad at me all night.  They shaved his "underside" and now it gets really cold when he goes out in the snow.  Plus I think he just gets really exhausted from the stress of being away from us.  (not to mention the stress of someone shaving his private part!)  David got him some chicken nuggets from Burger King, but I was still the bad guy for taking him there and leaving him.
 Saturday I met a friend for coffee at the [Black Cat Coffeehouse].  They have this amazingly beautiful antique radiator in their dining room.  I don't think it is functional anymore, but it is gorgeous.
Visiting starlings found the peanut butter I had put on the trees for the chickadees.  It was now frozen but they made short work of it.  

The groundhog saw his shadow on Friday and so we are to have another six weeks of winter.  Ugh.  I'm so ready for spring.  Here are the top reasons I hate winter right now:

1.  The uneven haircut I have from ripping my hair with the zipper of my down coat.
2.  Toboggan head ~ similar to helmet head ~ when your carefully styled hair goes flat while trying to keep your head and ears from freezing in -25°F wind chill... while ...
3.  Scraping ice and frost off the car windows with a narrow ice scraper that takes twice as long to clear the windows.
4. Static electricity shocks while petting the cats.  They think I'm doing it on purpose to torture them.
5.  Trying to quickly get all my layers off when I have to urgently use the restroom.
6.  The pale, deathly appearance of my face after months of limited sun and freezing cold.  I've scared children and dogs.  And myself.
7.  Static electricity on clothes in the dryer.  Socks lose their mate, only to be found weeks later inside the sleeve of a sweater.
8. Cold toilet seats.  Need I say more?

Thursday, February 1, 2018

room with a view ...

It was a year and two days ago that I was in a similar chair 
... at the dentist office ...
This time, thankfully, a much better dentist.

We have been in Ashland for over a year now, and it is still odd to see cars and fishing shacks (or campers as they may be) out on the frozen bay.  It is currently 4°F with a "real feel" of -13°F, and quite windy which makes the temperature even more brutally and bitterly cold.  
(Don't get me started on the snow in the forecast for the next two days!) 
I can't imagine sitting out there on the ice, fishing with a miniature pole through a tiny hole that has been drilled through 5+ feet of ice.  I like to eat fish, but hey, Walmart has heat!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

brighter days ...

literally and figuratively
 The sun has been blinding even if the temperatures have not gotten high enough to completely melt all the snow.  Enough melts tho, to freeze quickly into slick ice and so walking to and from anywhere must be done with thought and focus to avoid winding up on my backside.  We are on the downhill slide of winter, and I'm counting the days to the first day of spring and verifying the days by my photo galleries for the first signs of flowers or grass seen last winter.
We have started going to a new church, and this gorgeous hand-carved rainbow trout sits in the hallway.  The talent some people have humbles me.  My words seem frivolous in comparison.

I feel as if I am finally coming up for air from a nearly six-month depression that has threatened to destroy me.  The demonic oppression of where we just moved from has lost its footing, and I feel as if I am wearing a new coat of armor.  We have received five confirmations in recent days that we are on the right path, and the move was the right one.  Two of them were blessings, and three of them were messages.
(A sigh of relief and hope.)