Sunday, November 19, 2017


Pennies are the scourge of pocket change.
No one wants to carry them, and once you have saved a ton of them (sometimes literally) you almost don't know what to do with them.
Even banks and businesses aren't really thrilled to take them sometimes, although many people have made a point to pay a bill they don't want to pay for with them. 
This weekend I was sorting my husband's pocket change and looking at all of the pennies for wheat backs when I stumbled upon this treasure.
This 100-year-old penny was minted in San Francisco.

Woodrow Wilson was president, and the first woman had been elected to Congress.
The United States entered World War 1, and the military draft was established.
A first class letter stamp was just 3¢.

Jazz queen Ella Fitzgerald was born that year along with Desi Arnez (Mr. Lucille Ball) and eventual President John F. Kennedy.
I wonder if little John ever dreamed of one day being president.

"Buffalo Bill" Cody, ragtime great Scott Joplin, and German Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin, the inventor of the ill-fated Zeppelin airships, all died that year.
Zeppelin lived long enough to see the Wright Brothers fly, and I'm sure he never expected his airships to be used to kill innocent civilians in WW1.

A gallon of gasoline was 25¢, and a gallon of milk was 14¢.
Sirloin steak was 30¢ a pound.
The cost of a movie ticket was 7¢.

Pinterest devotes pages to projects to use your saved up pennies.  Including this one which is at the top of my spring do-do-to-do list. But I think for the most part I will continue to treasure the history found in some of them.

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